Go To Sleep!

Ep 009 – magish

gts009 “magish”

Snap your fingers past the graveyard, walk around that ladder. Or, some people take it a bit farther. No matter, this episode is your grimoire for defense against the dark arts. What they don’t teach you in school, is that Cornish pixies can be easily baited with corned beef.

01-01 Dell’Isola & Ezio Pinza Orchestra – Columbia 4578 – Some Enchanted Evening (1949)
— what a voice, can see Brando in a tux making his way through the banquet.

01-02 Genesis – And Then There Were Three 10 – The Lady Lies (1978)
— left to Tony Banks to carry things by this point, and he does a bangup job. Plus, the vocals echo the same chord progression as the previous tune, from 30 years earlier.

01-03 Gong – Flying Teapot 05-06 – Zero The Hero And The Witch’s Spell, Witch’s Song, I Am Your Pussy (1973)
— great song, great fit here, tells a very similar story to the previous tune.

01-04 Yello – Stella 11 – Angel No (1985)
— much more to this band than Oh Yeah.

02-01 Maxine Sullivan with John Kirby Sextet – Raggle-Taggle Gypsies (1940)
— even older than this version, a tune known from the 1600’s, originally about “Casstilles Lilt, a real lady kidnapped by gypsies and who apparently enjoyed their company.” Love the “sheets turned down so bravely O”

03-01 Beets9 – 04-05 – Presto, Recitativo (1824)
— learned how the hard way, you may as well benefit from my mistakes. When you sit for a symphony, look around and spot the oldest person in the crowd. Whenever you feel the urge to clap, look over at that person and if they’re not clapping then don’t you.

… and later at the Green Room After Party…

04-01 Pilot – From The Album Of The Same Name 02 – Magic (1974)
— they teased me, always looking for “triple” tunes, where the band-album-title are all the same. But no song on this album called “Pilot”. Pity, I would have counted it, if there were.

04-02 Richard Thompson – Crossing Jordan 08 – Season Of The Witch (2003)
— plenty of plenty covers of this Donovan brick, this one replaced the Bloomfield-Kooper-Stills version at the last minute.

04-03 Augie Colon – Chant Of The Jungle 12 – Witch Doctor (1960)
— straight off the island, chaaaa, you bury your nail clippins daughter.

04-04 Mahogany Frog – Faust 204 – We Encircle Within This Ring (2022)
— a double CD “tells” the story of Faust, no vocals, all instrumental.

04-05 Jericho Jones (aka Johnny Rebel, aka Clifford Trahan) – Todd 1038 – Black Magic (1959)
— later work may be unpalatable, but he started out trying to be a regular rock-n-roll kid.

04-06 William Shatner & Pat Travers- The Blues 07 – I Put A Spell On You (2020)
— ranks right up there with Screamin’ Jay on the fright-o-meter.

04-07 Bob Dylan – Theme Time Radio Hour 26 07 – Magic Words (2006)
— from his Halloween show.

04-08 Lew Williams – Imperial X5429 – Abracadabra (1957)
— d00d that wasn’t magic, she just doesn’t dig your whine.

05-01 Coco Robicheaux – Revelator 10 – Magic Man (2010)
— cripes, hate to see him when he’s mad.

05-02 Open Mind – Phillips BF1805 – Magic Potion (1969)
— Israeli band also called The Churchills, only released as a single back in the day.

05-03 Dj D-Blaze – A Nightmare In Rotterdam 1011 – Magic Hardcore (1997)
— pounding repetition, plenty of tribal musicians used the effect, now the Danish too.

05-04 Omega – The Hall Of Floaters In The Sky 03 – Magician (1975)
— their first album was seized by the communist Hungarian authorities, locked away, and is presumed lost. Great example of what Eastern Bloc bands did with the trickle of influences that got smuggled in.

05-05 Major Parkinson – A Night At The Library 09 – Before The Helmets (2022)
— supposedly a live album, but nobody makes a peep for 60 minutes. If there was an audience, sounds like they predeceased the performer.

05-06 Lovin’ Spoonful – Do You Believe In Magic 01 – Do You Believe In Magic (1965)
— one of the “too obvious” picks, but a great note to go out on.

… and the bonus track

06-01 Rosie Vela – Zazu 02 – Magic Smile (1986)
— not sure what a “Hollywood child” is, but here’s an ultra-forgotten 80’s lilt.