Go To Sleep!

Ep 014 – shpace

gts014 “shpace”

Looking up from here or looking out from up there, it sorta draws you. Oh duh, that’s what a vacuum does.

01-01 Joey Nash & Richard Himber Orchestra – Victor 24745 – Stars Fell On Alabama (1934)
— that can happen when you let a jug of cane squeezins set a spell.

01-02 CCR – Willy and the Poor Boys 02 – It Came Out Of The Sky (1969)
— 17 million, in 1969 dollars, when you could easily find 90% silver quarters. So that’s 16 million ounces of silver, which would be worth today…. oops, pretty crappy return over 53 years.

01-03 David Bowie – At The Beeb 213 – Starman (1972)
— clear vocals in this version corrected lyrical mistakes harboured for years. It’s “hazy” not “crazy”.

01-04 T Bone Burnett – The Criminal Under My Own Hat 04 – Humans From Earth (1992)
— most early versions of this show had “Pets” by Porno For Pyros next to this tune.

02-01 Chris Whitley & Trixie Whitley – Alien (1997)
— biggest regret this show, is having to trim off the beginning of this live version, where Trixie shuts down an audience loudmouth.

02-02 Jesse Lee Turner – Carlton 496 – The Little Space Girl (1959)
— he gives in, who wouldn’t want an extra lip?

02-03 Devo – Hardcore Devo Vol1 03 – Space Girl Blues (1975)
— a demo before they caught on.

02-04 David Bowie – Hallo Spaceboy
— the story is, that the title comes from a rude introduction to a dismissive new acquaintance.

03-01 Billy Thorpe – Children Of The Sun 05 – Children Of The Sun (1979)
— monster rock meets prog. Always makes me think of a Neil Young tune, but never found a way to make it mesh with this one.

03-02 Good Rats – From Rats To Riches 06 – Victory In Space (1978)
— if you think NASA hasn’t tried it, you’re dumb. Remember when they sent a husband-wife team up in the Shuttle? That wasn’t just public relations, bucko.

04-01 David Bowie – Space Oddity
— you’re right, this is the tune the whole ep is built around.

04-02 Lax Alex Contrax – Freistil 11 – Major Tom (2003)
— in the Bowieverse, this comes between Oddity and Ashes. My fav cover version, but you can find the English lyrics to the 1983 hit all over the web.

04-03 David Bowie – Scary Monsters And Super Creeps 04 – Ashes To Ashes (1980)
— ten years later he pretty much admitted that this was an answer to Peter Schilling.

05-01 Ran-Dells – Chairman 4403 – Martian Hop (1963)
— oh come on, if your gravity was only 1/3 of Earth’s then there is obviously no dance you could not do! Especially with prehensile tentacles.

05-02 Rush – AFTK 06 – Cygnus X-1 (1977)
— sublime homage to this song, when the fantastic TV series The Expanse cast the spaceship as the Rocinante, of course the name of Don Quixote’s steed.

05-03 Rush – Hemispheres 01 – Cygnus X-1 Book II Hemispheres (1978)
— what’s on the other side of Cygnus X-1. There are six movements, not going to list them, you have the web.

05-04 Mars Volta – Frances The Mute 01 – Cygnus….Vismund Cygnus (2005)
— a complete musical journey.

05-05 On Trial – Son Of Spacebird (1999)
— at the fest in Roskilde on July 4th of 1999.

05-06 Money Can’t Buy Music – We Will All Asphyxiate (2005)
— a CD single, vocals are by Gordon McIntyre and Maja Mangard.

… and the bonus track …

06-01 101 Strings – Astro Sounds 02 – Re-Entry to Mog (1968)
— there are more popular tunes off this album, this one always got me.