Go To Sleep!

Ep 103 – teeayshee

gts103 “teeayshee”

Can’t condone or condemn, just find it hilarious that when there’s no official holiday in April, people invent one.

01-01 Mary Ford & Les Paul – Capitol 2123 – Smoke Rings (1952)
— originally an instrumental of 1937 by the greatly influential Casa Loma Orchestra fronted by Glen Gray

01-02 ChasBeats – Nostalgic Breeze 05 – Smoking All Day (2021)

01-03 Ka’ikena Scanlan – Smoke All Day (2019)
— the huge Summer anthem of 2019 in Hawai’i, explicitly says they’re all smoking meat, not something else. “Ahi” for instance, is tuna

01-04 Smoke AxD – Smoke All Day 01 – Smoke All Day (2023)

01-05 Angelo Bombay – Forsaken Beats – Ashley All Day Smokes Gelato (2018)

02-01 Bob Marley – Island 12-WIP 6410 – Jammin’ (1977)
— the loooong version off the 12-inch single

02-02 Ringo Starr – Blast From Your Past 102 – No No Song (1975)

02-03 Potluck – Pipe Dreams 14 – I Say Yes To Drugs (2009)

02-04 Shel Silverstein – Songs And Stories 201 – The Smoke Off (1978)

03-01 Willie Nelson & Snoop Dogg & Kris Kristofferson & Jamey Johnson – Heroes 02 – Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die (2012)
— Snoop Dogg in a country song? I thought Beyonce was the blazer?

03-02 Toby Keith – The Bus Songs 11 – Weed With Willie (2012)
— have a shorter version from the Bob & Tom show, but this live one from Cincinnati doesn’t have Bob & Tom laughing all the way through it!

03-03 The Brecker Brothers – Heavy Metal Be-Bop 103 – Some Skunk Funk (1978)

03-04 Joint Venture – Extremliedermaching 06 – Eduard Der Haschischhund (1999)
— the “choir” is Lisa Saam, Maren Saam, and Vera Heimerzheim.
— in case you’re wondering, English lyrics at bottom*

04-01 Terry Fell & The Fellers – Gilt-Edge 5084 – Smoking Cornsilks (1953)
— so much for clean country livin’

04-02 NRBQ – Red Rooster 1004 – Wacky Tobacky (1979)

04-03 All These Fingers – Filth 2 10 – End Of The Day Smoke (2022)

04-04 Squirrel Nut Zippers – A Family Christmas In Your Ass 09 – Santa Is Smoking Reefer (1997)

04-05 John Valby – Herniated Jingle Balls 17 – I’ll Be Stoned For Xmas (2000)

04-06 Gong – Flying Teapot 201 – The Pot Head Pixies (1973)

04-07 Black Sabbath – Paranoid 204 – Fairies Wear Boots (1970)

05-01 Rural Alberta Advantage – Departing 104 – Muscle Relaxants (2011)
— oh Canada! eh

05-02 Tenfold Loadstar – High From Down 01 – High From Down (Single Mix) (2005)

05-03 Redman & Melanie Rutherford – Remixxes 19 – Smoke All Day (2013)
— a riff on a more famous Stevie Wonder song

05-04 McGrobbles – McGrobbles On Dope (2005)
— keeps his head screwed on pretty well, considering

05-05 Buju Banton – Before The Dawn 08 – No Smoking At All (2010)
— reggae is not dead

06-01 Sublime – 40 oz To Freedom 08 – Let’s Go Get Stoned (1992)

06-02 The Toyes – Ginger Coffee PK85003 – Smoke Two Joints (1983)
— Sublime had the big hit covering this 10 years later

06-03 Neil Young – Tonight’s The Night 201 – Roll Another Number For The Road (1975)
— oh Canada! redux

06-04 Hinder – Extreme Behavior 01 – Get Stoned (2005)

06-05 10CC – Live In Concert Vol1 06 – Dreadlock Holiday (1993)
— live in Japan, where dreadlocks are not illegal, just impossible

* Eduard Der Haschischhund:
Eduard was a hashish dog
His mouth was a snout
And Eduard was on top of it
A huge olfactory organ
Had Eduard smelled something?
He got a bone for it
Even the smallest crumb of shit
So Eduard came along
Edward thought it was a game
And the bone was the target
That turned Eduard on
And so he quickly learned:
Especially with guys who smell something
You really have to sniff it
Soon he could see it in their eyes
Without any olfactory organ

Eduard (ssmh-ssmh, row-row!)
Eduard (ssmh-ssmh, row-row!)
Eduard (ssmh-ssmh, row-row!)
Edward (row-row!)

Eduard was a good dog
Never asked why
Because he was in all these years
Always had a good ride with it
Had Eduard smelled something?
He got a bone for it
Sometimes he got two
That was enough for Eduard

Eduard (ssmh-ssmh, row-row!)
Eduard (ssmh-ssmh, row-row!)
Eduard (ssmh-ssmh, row-row!)
Edward (row-row!)

But then, one summer night
Something woke up in Eduard
Didn’t smell anything today
Had no bone today
Eduard, the animal, thought to himself
Good God, what am I doing here?
I always do my duty
But you won’t be thanked

Eduard (ssmh-ssmh, row-row!)
Eduard (ssmh-ssmh, row-row!)
Eduard (ssmh-ssmh, row-row!)
Edward (row-row!)

I didn’t just want to parry anymore
Want to try something different
Had beyond the bone
Smelled something better
That’s why the next time you find something bigger
Edward the hashish dog
Don’t just stick your nose in
But secretly licked it

Eduard (ssmh-ssmh, row-row!)
Eduard (ssmh-ssmh, row-row!)
Eduard (ssmh-ssmh, row-row!)
Edward (row-row!)

What came next was so beautiful
Then Eduard saw it
That it’s of no use to anyone
If a customs officer steals it.
Put an end to the drug war
And left with the next freak
Who then named him Abraxas
And bought him a purple collar

He came to a farm
And lived there as a philosopher
Well-liked, almost a star
For his great gift was
That he, whether meadow, street, beach
Found a crumb everywhere
And so there was always something to snack on
In Hashischeduard’s cheek pockets

Eduard (ssmh-ssmh, row-row!)
Eduard (ssmh-ssmh, row-row!)
Eduard (ssmh-ssmh, row-row!)
Edward (row-row!)

Edward (row-row!)