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Ep 094 – whoshe

gts094 “whoshe”

Don’t know her name, maybe never will.

01-01 Harry MacDonough – Victor 17945 – The Girl On The Magazine (1916)

01-02 The Good Rats – Ratcity In Blue 206 – Hour Glass (1976)
— the greatest rock band who never made it big.

01-03 Del Reeves – Del Reeves Sings Girl On The Billboard 101 – Girl On The Billboard (1965)

01-04 Billy Joel – An Innocent Man 201 – Uptown Girl (1983)
— video stars Christie Brinkley, who Joel was with at the time, you connect the dots.

01-05 Little Richard – Little Richard 205 – The Girl Can’t Help It (1958)

01-06 The Turtles – Happy Together 102 – She’d Rather Be With Me (1967)

02-01 Peaches – Impeach My Bush 04 – Boys Wanna Be Her (2006)
— surprised this required no bleeping, unlike most of Peaches.

02-02 Placebo vs Kate Bush & Ce’Cile – Nanananananaaa Wanna Be The Man With The Child In Her Eyes (2004)
— it’s a fan-made mashup, which explains the title.

02-03 Eleventh Hour & Jim Johnston – WWE Wreckless Intent 06 – A Girl Like That (Torrie Wilson theme) (2006)
— mis-stated in the mic-break, this isn’t by Torrie Wilson, she used it as her theme song, her “entrance music” for wrestling matches.

02-04 The Producers – You Make The Heat 05 – Certain Kinda Girl (1981)

02-05 The Good Rats – Ratcity In Blue 204 – Yellow Flower (1976)
— note the date, this is long before every girl in America got a tattoo on their ass. Groundbreaking, the greatest rock band to never go national.

02-06 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Tamla 54211F – Flower Girl (1971)
— another of those Motown single B-sides from 1971, Tamla was an imprint of Motown.

03-01 Warren Zevon – Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School 102 – A Certain Girl (1980)
— my favorite version of the tune. Caught over 20 people’s versions, at first thought that everyone was getting the lyrics wrong, then realized that Zevon’s is the ONLY one which says “introduced as friends.” Most versions say the singer wants to be her slave, and there are songs like “I wanna be her slave,” so there was a possible mini-theme when added to The Mal Thursday Quintet’s tune “Kitten With A Whip”… but that was a tangent too far.

03-02 Madonna – Who’s That Girl OST 101 – Who’s That Girl (1987)
— movie not so great but the soundtrack did very well. Madonna did three major movie roles, and the resultant critical bombing is exactly why Taylor Swift is too smart to go Hollywood.

03-03 The Scot Richard Case – A-Square 301 – Who Is That Girl (1967)
— listen to this and tell me they’re not flat-out ripping off “Lady Jane” by the Stones. So originally was going to follow this with “Some Girls” by the Stones, but it didn’t fit the topic so tightly, and at 5+ minutes had to get budged out.

03-04 The Members – Uprhythm, Downbeat 101 – Working Girl (1982)
— haven’t seen the music video in 40 years, but recall that the eponymous girl was my secret love for all of 1982.

03-05 The Freshies – Razz 11 – I’m In Love With The Girl On A Certain Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk (1980)
— believe it or not, this is not the Freshies’ longest song title.

03-06 Amylie – Le Royaume 10 – Les Filles (2012)
— lyrics translate roughly “if you don’t know what girls talk about, shove off, that’s the point.” Very similar to Serge Gainsbourg’s “Laisse Tomber Les Filles” (lay off the girls), but there was not another song on this list which could be bumped to include Serge. Pity.

04-01 McKinney’s Cotton Pickers – Victor 22628 – She’s My Secret Passion (1931)

04-02 The Carols – Savoy 896 – Fifty Million Women (1953)

04-03 Robert Goulet & David Wayne & Michael Rupert – The Happy Time OBC 204 – A Certain Girl (1968)
— French Canadians on Broadway! Spoken part at beginning meshes with previous song.

04-04 Johnny Otis – Kent 506 – Country Girl (1969)
— originally wanted to pair this with “country Girl” by Homer & Jethro, but here Johnny’s friend asks her name and Otis replies “38, 24, 38”. Perfect fit for today’s theme! Only last year, learned that Johnny Otis was Greek, not Black.

04-05 The Slackers – Better Late Than Never 15 – Certain Girl (2002)
— second included version, love ska always, but even love it more with animal sounds.

04-06 Brad Marino – Basement Beat 07 – That Girl (2022)
— one of the best albums of ’22.

04-07 Lew Williams – Hamilton 50013 – The Girl I Saw On Bandstand (1958)
— and that was on a blurry black and white TV! More Lew coming in future shows, his tunes “My New Pink Suedes” and “I’m The Manager For The Flying Purple People Eater”

05-01 Slaughter & The Dogs – Do It Dog Style 11 – Who Are The Mystery Girls (1978)

05-02 The J. Geils Band – Freeze Frame 103 – Centerfold (1981)
— had not even thought of this one until it was suggested, shame on me!

05-03 New Kingston & Sugar Minott – Kingston City 09 – Certain Girls (2015)

05-04 Airborne Toxic Event – Songs Of God And Whiskey 03 – A Certain Type Of Girl (2015)
— the rhythm percussion is someone scratching on a piece of paper.

05-05 The Ullulators – Monads Of Mangonia 108 – We All Love The Same Girl (1989)

05-06 Billy Ray Cyrus – Wanna Be Your Joe 11 – Ole What’s Her Name (2006)
— as long as her name’s not Miley, we’re OK.

06-01 That Girl – Theme (1971)
— you can tell this is 1971 because they only added lyrics for the show’s fifth and final season.

06-02 McFly – I Pop U 213 – That Girl (2011)

06-03 Ex Hex – Rips 05 – How You Got That Girl (2014)

06-04 Devendra Banhart – Cripple Crow 07 – I Do Dig A Certain Girl (2005)

06-05 Little John Guelfi & The Blues Train – Vittima Del Blues 05 – A Certain Girl (Una Certa Tipa) (2010)
— fabuloso! Third version of this show’s theme song, they have a a ton of fun with it.

06-06 Ting Tings – We Started Nothing 02 – That’s Not My Name (2008)
— last played this one in episode #1 of this show, but back then it was a Tom Neville remix, which pounds brains out of earholes. Actually had another Tom Neville remix in the running for this week, a re-imagining of “I See Girls” by Studio-B. But here’s the straight original album version of “That’s Not My Name”, which turns out to be one of the most culturally important songs of the decade of the double-aughts, at least as far as teenage girls are concerned.

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  1. rochester free radio 106.3 in case you need to know that.

    GOODRATS!!!!!! pepe marchello!!!! RIP…

    back in the late 70’s they did a show at the WCMF “downstairs studio”. somehow i got tix and went. great show. dave Kane, cmf DJ for decades got me a cd of the show. awesome.

    first time hearing your “show/playlist” funky and cool. some, of course, are funkier and cooler than others.

    i work till midnite and recently “found” the radio station mentioned above. it’s a weird but fun station, mostly.

    anyway feedback for ya. i’ll look for ur show again. thanks!